General construction


Projprzem S.A. provides its construction services focusing on three basic activities: investment management, cost estimation and production. The scope of services offered by this Department encompasses:


Investment management:


•Project management
•Investment supervision
•Tender procedures for the selection of the General Contractor, contractors of packages, works and other services
•Property condition surveys


Cost estimation:


•Construction and installation bill of quantities
•Investment cost estimation
•Tender cost estimation
•Preparation of work schedules
•General cost schedules




•Preparation of workshop drawings of steel structures
•Fabrication, delivery and assembly of steel structures
•Loading systems: ramps, overhead doors, dock seals and wheel guides
•Delivery and assembly of wall and roof cladding (trapezoidal sheets, sandwich panels, etc.)


Owing to its many years of experience and vast knowledge of the construction industry, the Company is able to provide its customers with the highest standard of services and solutions customized to their needs. In addition, we have our own experienced engineering staff. Our employees, thanks to their specialist qualifications, are authorized to complete tasks related to the above services under the requirements of the Polish law. The main purpose of our efforts is to mobilize all technical and human resources in order to complete contracts according to the customer's demands at a satisfactory price for both parties.


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