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Production, distribution and service of docking solutions are realized by PROMStahl POLSKA Sp. o.o. The company specializes in broadly taken docking solutions, i.e. the production, sale and service of dock levellers, loading ramps, dock shelters, sectional industrial doors and high-speed shutters.

PROMStahl products are certified by independent testing institutes and meet your and our high quality requirements. Our manufacturing plants are certified in accordance with the ISO-9001 standard. We operate by the network of agents and distributors in 33 countries.

PROJPRZEM S.A. holds a very strong position in the European market as one of the leading suppliers of docking solutions. Our products are designed and manufactured based on many years’ experience in this field.

Continuous improvement of our products and an innovative approach to product development guarantee that products with the PROM brand meet the highest standards at a reasonable price.

We are also able to adjust our offer to the individual requirements of our clients.

We guarantee short performance time, as well as professional consultations and maintenance services.

If you wish to learn about our comprehensive offer, visit the websites of our two subsidiaries:
  • PROMStahl Polska Sp. z o.o., which sells docking solutions in Central and Eastern Europe;
  • PROMStahl GmbH, which sells docking solutions in Western Europe.
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