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Basic Information

StockWarsaw Stock Exchange
Date of first quotation
10 Aug 1999
IndexWIG, WIG Budownictwo, WIG Poland
AdressBernardyńska 13, 85-029 Bydgoszcz

Management Board

Piotr Szczeblewski - President of the Board

President of the Board PROJPRZEM S.A. since April 2017.  

Owner of university degree: the master of engineering in the field of technology and machine building (1992 - 1997). He studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ...

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Supervisory Board

Dariusz Skrocki - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Appointed to the Supervisory Board of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. (formerly MAKRUM SA) in September 2013.  

A graduate of the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University, where he obtained a Masters degree in Management. He is also a graduate of: International ...

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Projprzem S.A. has conducted activities in the construction industry for as long as 60 years. At first, the company specialised in designing and constructing industrial facilities.

In 1990 Spółka Akcyjna PROJPRZEM was established as a result of a privatization process and ...

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