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Our offer of steel constructions covers mainly industrial and warehouse halls with high quality requirements. They are appreciated by world markets - they are mainly sent to France, Scandinavia and Germany and from there to South Africa, Argentina, Norway, Japan and China.

The quality of the products is confirmed by numerous industry certificates.
We specialize in manufacturing single specialized high-quality steel constructions. We make them based on our own documentation or that of our clients. Our employees' experience and care of each construction detail makes it possible for us to offer you professional services at each stage of our cooperation.

The basic types of constructions manufactured in our factory include all kinds of constructions for the power, chemical, and environmental industries.

We place at your disposal our factory in Sępólno Krajeńskie with its highly-qualified and experienced staff, as well as our professional designing office.
Steel construction
Tel. (+48) 52 37 67 471 | (+48) 52 37 67 473
Marcin Zacniewski - Head of Project Management Departament
(+48) 669 978 338 | (for english speaking clients)
Anita Stępińska - Commercial Specialist
(+48) 601 350 008 | (for german speaking clients)
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